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PARAG PTFE WIRE AND CABLE INDUSTRIES is a small fast growing company. It has been founded by Mr. Mohit Gupta in Meerut as a proprietor ship concern. It is fully equiped for manufacturing all kind of PTFE Wires, Cables and Sleeves. We use tape wrapped process to manufacture Wires, Cables and Sleeves. Our Quality Policy is " To satisfy the customers by supplying the best quality products." We use the best quality products. we use the best quality raw material in our products and have a separate testing lab to produce the best products. We are serving the nation from last eight years by supplying our quality products to Defense, Railways, Aircraft, Satellite-Missiles, Nuclear Power Stations and other Electrical-Electronics Industries. PTFE insulated wires, known as HIGH TEMPERATURES ELECTRICAL WIRES, are thermally stable in the temprerature range of -200 to +260 c. The non-polar molecular structure of PTFE makes it ideally suitable for it's use as an insulating dielectric material for high frequency working. PTFE insulated SPC/NPC wire are used with great advantage in Aircraft, Electrical Wiring, Co-Axial Cables, Industrial Control Cables, Load Cell Electrical Heating Appliances, Ovens, Power Control Equipement's, Heat Sensing Leads, Refrigeration Equipment, and many more. because of the diameter of these wires and cables being rating, PTFE WIRES are more suitable for dense wiring having an added advantage of space saving of the equipment-cabinet/housing.

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We at Parag Ptfe Wire and Cable Industries undertake exhaustive quality assurance tests to ensure that only the best products carry the our brand. Our philosophy is to quantify quality, make it measurable, maintain reproducibility, reduce deviation and enhance the process capability. We have incorporated industry standard and innovative quality control tests in tandem with our production process so that the problems surface right away for immediate correction and prevention.

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Manufacturer of all kind of PTFE Wire, PTFE Cable, PTFE Sleeve and other specialised ptfe cables and wires.