PTFE Cable

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PTFE Cable

We offer high quality PTFE cables that are known for strength. These flame resistant PTFE Insulated cables are available in different types. We manufacture these PTFE cables as per the international quality standards. Available in various specifications, the main attributes of our range are given as below:
Temperature range: -100 C to 250 C
Voltage rating: 300 / 500V
Cross - section: 0.14~2.5mm2

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) cable is a special kind of wire. It's loved for being top-notch. Known for its quality, it's perfect for places where you need a strong and clear signal. This cable handles high heat, tough conditions, and chemicals. That's why it's great for the aerospace, automotive, and medical equipment fields. we are international quality ptfe cable manufacturer.

Key Takeaways

  • PTFE cable offers exceptional performance and durability for critical applications.
  • PTFE cable is known for its outstanding quality and reliability.
  • PTFE cable is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, harsh environments, and chemical exposure.
  • PTFE cable is widely used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical equipment.
  • PTFE cable is a versatile and high-performance solution for a wide range of critical applications.

  • PTFE Cable manufacturer

    Introduction to PTFE Cable

    PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) cable uses PTFE, also known as Teflon, for its insulation. PTFE is a kind of plastic known for its great dielectric properties and resistance to chemicals. It can handle high temperatures, too. This makes PTFE cable perfect for jobs where we need reliability, toughness, and the best performance.

    What is PTFE Cable?

    PTFE cable, used for electrical purposes, has PTFE as its core insulation. PTFE does a lot of good things, like it's great with electrical properties, can bear very high temperatures, and resists many chemicals. These features make PTFE cable a go-to pick in various industries. It meets tough environmental and performance needs well.

    Benefits of PTFE Cable

    PTFE cable stands out for its top-notch temperature resistance. Its insulation can take temperatures up to 392F (200C), so it's perfect for very hot or very cold places. Plus, PTFE handles strong acids, bases, and solvents well without harm. This is why PTFE cable is great for places that deal with tough chemicals.

    Moreover, PTFE cable is strong when it comes to electrical properties. It has a low dielectric constant and high dielectric strength. This helps keep signal quality high and signal loss low. It's perfect for jobs needing precise data transmission. Think aerospace, automotive, and medical equipment.

    PTFE Insulated Cable Construction

    PTFE cable uses different materials for its wires based on what it's used for. Typically, you'll find copper, silver-coated copper, and special metals in PTFE cable construction. Conductor materials are picked because they conduct electricity well, can bend easily, and don't get damaged from certain chemicals.

    Conductor Materials

    The material inside a PTFE cable affects how well it carries power. Copper is favoured for its great electrical flow. With silver-coating, it gets even better, handling moisture and sending signals clearly. Sometimes, special metals are used for strength or if the cable needs to handle high heat.

    PTFE Insulation Properties

    The insulation around PTFE cables gives them great electric insulation and lets them work in various temperatures. PTFE cable construction adds a jacket, protecting it from chemicals and tough conditions. This makes PTFE cables strong and long-lasting for almost any job.

    PTFE Cable Performance

    PTFE cable is known for working well in key areas. Its insulation and jacket can handle very low and high temperatures. This means the cable can work from -320F to +392F (-196C to +200C)5. It's also great with chemicals, which is good for tough conditions. This makes PTFE cable very reliable and strong in use.

    Temperature Resistance

    PTFE cables do great in high temperatures, fit for the outdoors. They don't get destroyed when power is flowing through them. And they won't melt even in hot weather, making them last longer.

    Chemical Resistance

    PTFE cables are safe with chemicals, which is useful with certain materials. They don't catch fire, lowering the fire risk. Also, they won't get damaged in outdoor weather, staying strong and lasting a long time.

    PTFE Insulated Cable Configurations

    PTFE cables come in lots of types to meet different needs. For tasks needing clear signals and EMI protection, choose multi-conductor cables. They're great for industrial systems.You'll find these cables in many colours, like Grey, Black, Red, and more. They use different copper types for the wires inside.

    Multi-Conductor Shielded Cables

    These cables guard against EMI to keep your signals safe. Theyre perfect for industrial and control systems. The layer around the wires blocks interference, making sure your data goes through clearly.

    Custom Cable Options

    You can tweak PTFE cables to fit your exact needs. This includes the kind of wire, colours, and how long the cable is. It's great for many different uses. You'll get to pick from a variety of sizes and they carry different voltages. This means they can match almost any job you have.

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